Florida Opportunity Fund Mission Statement

The Florida Opportunity Fund ("FOF" or the "Fund") will focus on identifying and investing in a diversified, high-quality portfolio of seed and early stage venture capital funds that target in whole or in part opportunities within Florida. In addition, the Fund will seek to:

  • Achieve a superior internal rate of return on private equity investments while contributing to Florida’s economic developments
  • Foster the creation, retention, and growth of companies in Florida
  • Encourage the development and growth of a vibrant Florida-based venture capital and angel investment community
  • Help facilitate the transfer of technologies from the State’s various universities and research institutions to the private sector
  • Attract investments from regional and national private equity funds

Florida Opportunity Fund Website

The FOF website is intended to provide information regarding the Florida Opportunity Fund, as well as serve as a portal for venture funds to submit information to the fund for evaluation as a potential investment opportunity.